What’s Up Danger 4/27/19 | Beverly/Salem Lodge of Elks | Fundraiser for Lifebridge North Shore

1. “Revolution” Chris Venom defeated “Riot” Kellan Thomas

2. Bay State Championship: Derrick Conway pinned Alexander Lee to retain the title

After the match, Chris Venom challenged Conway to a future title match. Conway agreed, the two wrestlers shook hands and Venom blindsided an unsuspecting Conway.

Venom ended the onslaught by drilling an already spent Conway with his finishing maneuver and held up the Bay State belt claiming it will soon be his.

3. “The Gentleman” Burke Beckett & “Tough Talk” Tony Spencer w/ Chad Epik defeated Tex Benedict & Jake “The Sergeant when Beckett hit Sergeant with a pair of brass knuckles off of a powerbomb attempt.

General Manager Atlee Greene announced that if Chad Epik was caught interfering in the main event, Tough Guy Inc. would get him all alone in the ring for five minutes.

4. “The Heavy Hitter” Shay Cash defeated “The Brute” Kevin Gyles w/Chad Epik in a hard-hitting matchup

5. All-Star Championship: “Insane” Dick Lane beat “The Masshole” Mike McCarthy with The Force Chokeslam

6. Derek Simonetti defeated Wildman Kongo in a hard-fought contest and told the fans that perhaps, 2019 is not the year he rides off into the sunset.

7. NET3 Tag Team Championship: The Middlesex Express (“The Right Stuff” Steven Lust & “Sexy” Steven Broad) w/ Chad Epik defeated Tough Guy Inc. (“Brutal” Bob Evans & “Tough” Tim Hughes”) to become 3x champions due to Chad Epik’s interference.

The referee didn’t catch Chad Epik interfere, however, Atlee Greene caught him and ordered Epik to get in the ring with Tough Guy Inc. Epik tried to leave but The Dick Busters (Derek Simonetti & “Insane” Dick Lane) thwarted his escape.

The Middlesex Express came back out and pulled Epik out of the ring before too much damage was done. The Dick Busters and Tough Guy Inc. have some fun in the ring as Bob Evans imparted some words of wisdom to the audience to close out the show.

***Our next event will be on Saturday, September 21, 2019 at the Beverly/Salem Lodge of Elks in Beverly, MA.***

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