When Ryan Andrews and Atlee Greene became officers at the Beverly/Salem Lodge of Elks, they began to wonder how they could contribute a new concept to their lodge’s charitable efforts. The lodge had previously held prime rib dinners, raffles, and karaoke events to raise money, but the two new officers wanted to bring the lodge a fresh, original idea.

Putting their heads together, they came up with the idea to raise funds in the one way they knew had never been done before in Beverly/Salem Elks history…. promote a wrestling event.

With the help of their friend and Proving Ground owner, Todd Graham, the first ElkMania was developed. Showcasing local talents along with other talented competitors from the Northeast, and with Atlee Greene’s previous promoting experience from running North Shore Wrestling, ElkMania was sure to be a big hit with both wrestling fans and families looking for a fun night out.

The three promoters pieced together a card to take place on November 2nd, 2013 that would feature champions from other local promotions, along with a tournament that would feature a quartet of local athletes. The promoters also decided that ElkMania also needed its own champion, but not just a champion of the fundraiser, a Champion that the whole Bay State could be proud of, and thus the Bay State Championship was created. As ElkMania grew, the New England Tag Team and All-Star Titles were introduced.

Over its six-year history, ElkMania Promotions has become a reputable professional wrestling and entertainment promotion based in the heart of the North Shore of Massachusetts. Founded in 2013, ElkMania is dedicated to providing quality family-friendly events for charitable endeavors and has raised over $10,000 since its inception.