NET3 Tag Team Championship – July 28, 2018

Venue: The Black Box Theater – Providence, RI

General Manager: Atlee Greene

President: Ryan Andrews

This past Saturday night, The Middlesex Express (Steven Broad & Steven Lust) regained the NET3 Tag Team Titles when they defeated Insane Dick Lane and Derek Simonetti at the Live Prov Wrestling event at the Black Box Theater in Providence, RI.

The Middlesex Express exercised their rematch clause and didn’t want to wait until ElkMania’s next show on September 22nd.

Broad & Lust demanded the rematch occur on their home turf at Live Pro(V) Wrestling. Lane and Simonetti accepted the challenge and Live Pro(V) was gracious enough to host the rematch.

The Black Box Theater was enemy territory for Lane & Simonetti as it was the customarily jeered Middlesex Express who were the overwhelming crowd favorites.

In the final moments of the contest, Middlesex took advantage of a miscommunication between their opponents and took out Simonetti with their devastating “Hot Sauce” maneuver for the pin.


North Shore Rumble  – June 2, 2018

Venue: Beverly/Salem Lodge of Elks in Beverly, MA

Ring Announcer: Adam Salzer and Loren Petisce

Time Keeper: Adam Kohn

Referees: Redd Roche, Shawn Caron, Craig Cailler

General Manager: Atlee Greene

“The Maniacal” Jack Krueger along with the Epidemic came to the ring. Krueger stated that because he never got his immediate rematch for the All-Star Title, he was not going to compete in the North Shore Rumble match.

However, Krueger stated that either Sean Leiter, Tom Billington or Tim Davidson would win the North Shore Rumble and pledge their title shot to him.

1. “The Ace” Mike Montero defeated “The Freakshow” Sean Leiter with the Meteora (double knees off the top rope)

Post-Match activity saw Montero reveal to the audience what number he drew for the North Shore Rumble match. Montero opened the ball and revealed that he drew #1.

2. “Firework” Foxx Vinyer pinned “The Unequaled One” Todd Sople after delivering an uranage. The referee didn’t notice that Sople’s foot was under the rope when the three count was administered.

3. “Bitter” Buddy Romano pinned “The Heavy Hitter” Shay Cash with his feet on the second rope.

4. “Brutal” Bob Evans leveled “Tough Talk” Tony Spencer with his infamous running shoulder tackle for the pin.

5. The Dickbusters (Bay State Champion Derek Simonetti & All-Star Champion “Insane” Dick Lane) defeated The Middlesex Express (Steven Broad & Steven Lust) w/ Chad Epik to become the New England Tag Team Champions when Simonetti drilled Lust with a DDT.

6. “The Brute” Kevin Gyles won the North Shore Rumble and earned a title match of his choosing at ElkMania 6 on 11/3/18.

Derrick Conway eliminated Gyles and should have been declared the winner; however, an injured Chad Epik at ringside distracted the referees.

Gyles took advantage of the distraction, ran back in the ring and dumped Conway over the top rope and on to the floor.

Chad Epik motioned to the referees that Gyles was the last man standing and “The Brute” got his hand raised. Epik entered the ring and the two embraced, revealing it was all a setup. Gyles became the newest member of the Chad Epik Initiative.

Gyles and Epik stated they were not going to wait until November and wanted his title shot on September 22…for Derek Simonetti’s Bay State Title.

Simonetti came out and immediately accepted the challenge. Gyles blindsided Simonetti, due to a distraction from Chad Epik, and laid him out with the spinning forearm. Gyles held up the belt as a possible sign of things to come.


A Nightmare on Bow Street – April 28, 2018

Venue: Beverly/Salem Lodge of Elks in Beverly, MA

Ring Announcer: Adam Salzer

Time Keeper: Darren Benedick

Referees: Shawn Caron, Craig Cailler

General Manager: Atlee Greene

1. Middlesex Express w/ Chad Epik defeated the Maine State Posse to retain the New England Tag Team Titles when Steven Lust pinned Aiden Aggro while holding the bottom rope with assistance from Steven Broad.

2. The Widow Belmont pinned Delilah Hayden

All-Star Champion Jack Krueger and The Epidemic swarmed the ring and vowed to defeat Insane Dick Lane. Lane introduced Bay State Champion Derek Simonetti as his insurance policy.

Krueger said would love nothing more than to end Simonetti in front of your family, but stated that they are not allowed to touch each other as long as we both have these titles.

Simonetti replied stating, “when the night is over, you won’t be champion anymore.”

3. The Epidemic (Tom Billington, Tim Davidson & Sean Leiter defeated Beau and the Bros (Beau Douglas, Channing Thomas & Alec Pryce when Leiter pinned Pryce.

4. “Tough Talk” Tony Spencer beat Theodore J. Liftington with a sleeper hold after smashing his head into the ring post.

5. Derek Simonetti defeated Alexander Lee with a moonsault to retain the Bay State Title.

The Epidemic jumped Simonetti from behind as he was celebrating on the stage and pushed him down the stairs, while Krueger watched on, manically

6. Kevin Gyles defeated Derrick Conway via referee stoppage after Delilah Hayden threw in the towel. Gyles injured Conway’s ribs during the bout. Conway never quit or tapped out and somehow walked out on his own power.

7. “The Ace” Mike Montero defeated Tommy Corbin, Burke Beckett, Bullet Joe, Freakin Flax and Shay Cash the 6-Way Proving Ground elimination match when he pinned a very tough Shay Cash in the final frame.

Order of Elimination:

Burke Beckett eliminated Freakin Flax

Tommy Corbin over Bullet Joe

Shay Cash defeated Burke Beckett

Tommy Corbin was counted out when on instructions from Chad Epik left with he and Beckett.

Mike Montero eliminated Shay Cash after delivering the Meteora (double knees off the top rope)

8. “Insane” Dick Lane pinned “The Maniacal” Jack Krueger with the force choke slam to become the newly crowned All-Star Champion.

The Epidemic swarmed in on Lane for a 4 on 1 attack. Derek Simonetti’s music played and the Epidemic headed towards the entranceway in order to cut Simonetti off at the pass. The lights went out and when they came back on, Simonetti was in the ring and leveled Krueger with a kendo stick.


 ElkMania 5 – September 23, 2017 

Venue: Beverly/Salem Lodge of Elks in Beverly, MA

Ring Announcer: Adam Salzer

Time Keeper: Adam Kohn

Referees: Redd Roche, Rob Greer, Shawn Caron, Craig Cailler

General Manager: Atlee Greene

1. “The Dynasty” Beau Douglas defeated “Slamdance” Tim Lennox

2. Maine State Posse (Aiden Aggro & DangerKid) defeated Heavy Hitters (Shay Cash & Frank Champion) to become the Number 1 contenders for the NET3 Tag Team Championship

3. Six Man Tag Team Match: Insane Dick Lane, Shane White II & Delilah Hayden vs. “The Freak Show” Sean Leiter, Tom Billington & “Deathproof” Tim Davidson

4. Johnny Vegas & “The Unequaled One” Todd Sople defeated Theodore J. Lifington & “Tough Talk” Tony Spencer when Spencer turned on Liftington allowing Vegas to get the pin.

5. “The Wrestling Machine” Tommy Corbin (Golden Opportunity Ticket Holder) w/ Chad Epik pinned Crispin Coles after delivering The Head Rush.

6. Freakin Flax defeated “The Gentleman” Burke Beckett w/ Chad Epik in a Mask vs. Hair match. Beckett was forced to get his head shaved (Courtesy of Jordan from Badabing Barber Shop and Shave Parlor).

7. “The Maniacal” Jack Krueger’s All-Star Title Challenge where he took on three challengers.

Jack Krueger pinned The Masked Superstar in quick fashion

Jack Krueger defeated “Marvelous” Michael MacManus

“Insane” Dick Lane defeated Jack Krueger by disqualification after Sean Leiter, Tom Billington and Tim Davidson emerged from the darkness and assaulted Dick Lane.

At the behest of Krueger, his three new associates carried Lane out of the building, with no update on his whereabouts as of press time.

8. Middlesex Express (Steven Broad & Steven Lust) w/ Chad Epik defeated Black Gate Mercenaries (Derrick Conway and Kevin Gyles) when Conway was pinned after receiving Hot Sauce.

Black Gate embraced in the ring post-match. Conway held the ropes opened Gyles, only to be betrayed with a kick below the belt. Gyles then picked an injured Conway and blasted his now former partner with a devastating spinning elbow to the back of the head.

9. Derek Simonetti made “Bitter” Buddy Romano utter the words “I QUIT” to become the undisputed Bay State Champion.

Simonetti fought back from the jaws of defeat after being shoved off the stage through a table and piledriven onto the title belt. Romano was relentless but in the end, Simonetti was undisputed!


The Bay State Title Open Challenge at the El Mundo Family Festival

Venue: Fenway Park – Boston, MA

Ring Announcer: Ryan Andrews

Referee: Red Roche

General Manager: Atlee Greene

Former Champion, Derek Simonetti embraced his role as defending champion by issuing an Open Challenge for his Bay State Title at the historical El Mundo Family Festival at FENWAY PARK. However, he did not expect THREE wrestlers to accept the challenge.

Simonetti faced the challenge of “Tough Talk” Tony Spencer, Buddy Romano, and his Arch-Rival “The Maniacal” Jack Krueger.

In the closing moments, Simonetti delivered a devastating Death Valley Driver to Tony Spencer, before being dumped out to the floor by Buddy Romano. As Buddy Romano covered Spencer for the Pinfall, Simonetti attempted to slide back into the ring to break up the count but was stopped by Jack Krueger.

There is no such thing as a “Champion’s Advantage” in a 4-Way match situation, which was definitely on display at Fenway as Simonetti lost his championship without being pinned.


Champions Carnival – April 29, 2017

Venue: Beverly/Salem Lodge of Elks – Beverly, MA

Ring Announcer: Adam Salzer

Referees: Rob Greer, Joe Moakley, and Jeremy Bell

General Manager: Atlee Greene

1. DJ AC defeated “The Mind Eraser” Mike Graca

2. New England Tag Team Title Tournament: Black Gate Mercenaries (Derek Conway and Kevin Gyles) w/ Delilah Hayden defeated The Epidemic (Tom Billington & Sean Leiter) to advance to the finals.

***General Manager Atlee Greene came out to the ring and made a ruling that Bay State Champion Derek Simonetti and All-Star Champion Jack Krueger will not be allowed to wrestle each other as long as they hold their respective titles.

Greene stated that having the two champions fighting each other would hold up both divisions and take away opportunities from the hard working wrestlers in the locker room.

Derek Simonetti came to the ring to address Greene’s ruling but was interrupted by the singing shenanigans of Tony Spencer. Simonetti tried to reach his once close and personal friend but Spencer laughed right in his face.

Jack Krueger made his way to ringside and distracted Simonetti, giving Spencer the opening to blindside his opponent. Just when it looked like Krueger and Spencer were going to mug Simonetti, Beau Douglas ran out to the ring with a steel chair in hand to thwart off the danger.

Douglas and Simonetti shook hands afterward as Simonetti promised that Douglas would beat Krueger, giving him the opening to take out the maniacal one.***

3. New England Tag Team Title Tournament: Middlesex Express (Steven Lust & Steven Broad) w/ Mr. Chad Epik defeated The Heavy Hitters (Shay Cash & Frank Champion) to advance to the finals.

4. Fatal Five Way for WAW Championship: Big Money Puma defeated FO, Flax, Michael McManus and Billy Vaux to retain the title.

5. Liberty States Championship: Christian Casanova pinned “The Unequaled One” Todd Sople to retain the title.

6. Bay State Championship: Derek Simonetti defeated “Tough” Talk Tony Spencer with a superplex off the top rope to retain the title.

7. Four-Corner Survival Match: Tommy Corbin defeated “Insane” Dick Lane, Timmy Thunder, Burke Beckett, “Death Proof” Tim Davidson and Old School Cool Cory Michael to win one of four prizes. •Stipulation Match of the winner’s choosing •Stuff Teddy Bear •Balloons •Title shot at any title, at any time

Chad Epik came to the ring and told Corbin that despite his amazing in-ring ability, he doesn’t have the heart to do what is necessary because of the fans. Epik told him to ditch the fans and invited him to be the newest member of the Chad Epik Initiative.

Epik went so far as to pick the envelope containing one of the four prizes to show what he can do for Corbin…Epik picked the ultimate prize. A title shot at any title at any time during any ElkMania Promotions event. Corbin then proceeded to put on the shirt and has officially joined the Chad Epik Initiative.

8. New England Tag Team Title Tournament Finals: Middlesex Express (Steven Lust & Steven Broad) w/ Mr. Chad Epik defeated Black Gate Mercenaries w/ Delilah Hayden to become the inaugural NET3 Tag Team Champions.

***General Manager Atlee Greene brought out former Bay State Champion Buddy Romano as a surprise guest. Much to everyone’s surprise, Romano had the original Bay State Championship belt with him.

Romano claimed that Greene conspired to get him removed as champion in order to place their “golden boy” Simonetti on top and called him a “paper champion.”

Simonetti came out and told the real story on how Romano retired from wrestling right after ElkMania Promotions tried to book Romano vs. Simonetti as the original main event of ElkMania 4.

Romano proceeded to slap Simonetti in the face, laughed about it, and Simonetti shot in with a double leg takedown and hammered away on Romano until security broke up the melee.***

Amidst all of the chaos, Greene announced that Derek Simonetti vs. Buddy Romano to determine the undisputed Bay State Champion at ElkMania 5 on Saturday, September 23 at the Beverly/Salem Lodge of Elks in Beverly, MA.

9. All-Star Championship: “The Maniacal” Jack Krueger w/ JJ Alexander defeated “The Dynasty” Beau Douglas to retain the title.

Post-match activity saw Krueger and Alexander look to obliterate Douglas.

“The Dynasty” would not go down without a fight as he knocked Krueger out of the ring and got some much-deserved revenge by pummeling Alexander who interfered the match on multiple occasions.

Krueger pulled Alexander out of the ring and retreated as Douglas stood tall in the ring holding up Alexander’s cane as a moral victory.

***Our next event is ELKMANIA 5, which will emanate from the Beverly/Salem Elks Lodge on Saturday, September 23, 2017.

The main event will feature Derek Simonetti taking on “Bitter” Buddy Romano to determine the undisputed Bay State Champion.***

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ElkMania 4 – September 24, 2016

Venue: Beverly/Salem Lodge of Elks in Beverly MA.

Referees: Ron Greer, Josh Day, Red Roche

Time Keeper: Adam Kohn

Ring Announcer: Adam Salzer

Matchmaker: Atlee Greene

Pre-Show Match: “Insane” Dick Lane defeated “The International Male” Aaron Amadeus

The show began with ElkMania matchmaker Atlee Greene addressing the audience until he was interrupted by Chad Epik along with The Firebirds and “The Gentleman” Burke Beckett. Epik ran down ElkMania Promotions and the fans claiming that his stable deserves more respect. Greene took umbrage with Epik’s comments against the fans. He orders that the tag team match with the Firebirds start immediately and sent Burke Beckett back to the locker room.

The Black Gate Mercenaries (Kevin Gyles & “The Hired Gun” Derrick Conway) w/ Delilah Hayden defeated The Firebirds (Richard Ripley & Michael McManus) w/ Chad Epix when Conway hit the Meteora on Ripley for the pin.

Liberty States Wrestling Showcase: “The Unequaled One” Todd Sople pinned “The Best Around” TK O’Ryan after Sople hit O’Ryan with a low blow off of the referee distraction. Sople went to throw O’Ryan out of the ring in order to signify how he was going to win the North Shore Rumble later in the evening.

O’Ryan, however, reversed things and threw Sople out of the ring to the delight of the crowd, vowed revenge on Sople and declared his intentions to win the North Shore Rumble.

***Matchmaker Atlee Greene was conducting a poll to see who the fans thought would win the All-Star title match until he was interrupted by “Tough Talk” Tony Spencer. After running down the crowd, Derek Simonetti came out and the two exchanged words until Simonetti ended with telling Spencer that he would “break his ass in half.”

The Kool People (DJ AC & Sammy Deleon) and “The Viking” Jon Wilson defeated The Middlesex Express (Steven Broad & Steven Lust) and Billy Avery when Wilson hit Avery with the spear for the 1-2-3.

The Loser of the Fall loses their spot in the North Shore Rumble: The Closers (Brad Hollister & Hammer Tunis) defeated “The East Bay Outlaw” Rocco Abruzzi and “The Native American Warrior” Tomahawk when Hollister pinned Tomahawk.

Post-Match activity saw The Closers voice their displeasure over having to put their Rumble spots on the line and guarantee that one of them would leave Bay State Champion.

All-Star Championship: Joey Warner pinned “The Wrestling Machine” Tommy Corbin to retain the title.

The lights went out as Warner celebrated his victory. A hooded figure emerged from the darkness, entered the ring and blinded sided the champion with a brutal beat down. The lights went up and the hooded figure was revealed to be “The Maniacal” Jack Krueger, who wasn’t even supposed to be in the building.

Krueger, along with his manager, Jason J. Alexander, goaded and challenged a beaten Joey Warner into a title match on the spot. Against the advice of medical personnel, referees and officials, Warner accepted the challenge.

All-Star Championship: “The Maniacal” Jack Krueger w/ Jason J. Alexander defeated Joey Warner to become the new champion.

Warner put up a valiant effort, but between the damage he sustained in his previous match with Corbin and the onslaught from Krueger, it didn’t take long for the champion to fall. In their post-match tirade, Krueger and Alexander stated that a “Revelation” is coming.

-North Shore Rumble for the vacant Bay State Championship: 30 Wrestlers, entry every sixty seconds according to the number they drew, the final two wrestlers compete in a singles match to determine the winner.

Rumble Order and Notes: 1. “The Wrestling Machine” Tommy Corbin: 2. Richard Ripley drew #2 (The Firebirds) 3. “The East Bay Outlaw” Rocco Abruzzi 4. Michael McManus (The Firebirds) 5. Hammer Tunis (The Closers) 6. Matt Landeau 7. “Tough Talk” Tony Spencer 8. Biohazard 9. Alex Knight: Pro Debut 10. Derek Simonetti 11. Kevin Gyles (Black Gate Mercenaries) 12. “The Viking” Jon Wilson 13. Billy Avery 14. “The Hired Gun” Derrick Conway (Black Gate Mercenaries) 15. Delilah Hayden 16. DJ A.C. (The Kool People) 17. “Insane” Dick Lane 18. “Big Bacon” Brad Holister (The Closers) *Most eliminations (7) 19. Jesse Albenez 20. Steven Lust (The Middlesex Express) 21. Flax 22. TK O’Ryan: 23. Steven Broad (The Middlesex Express) 24. “International Male” Aaron Amadeus 25. “The Original Showoff” Mike Pavia 26. NCW Heavyweight Champion: Lumberjake 27. Sammy Deleon (The Kool People) 28. “The Gentleman” Burke Beckett 29. Firecat 30. “The Unequaled One” Todd Sople

The final four came down to Derek Simonetti, Derrick Conway, TK O’Ryan and Brad Holister. In a shocking turn of events, Conway eliminated Holister. Enraged by being trumped by the young upstart, Holister came back into the ring and threw Conway over the top rope foe the elimination. Holister wasn’t done yet as he proceeded to put Conway through a table with a spinebuster form the stage.

The finals came down to TK O’Ryan and Derek Simonetti and the match was announced, however, Tony Spencer, who was thought to be eliminated, came out of nowhere and dumped out TK’ O’Ryan. The officials rules that Spencer never went over the top rope, still legally in the Rumble and now a finalist.

North Shore Rumble Finals: Derrick Simonetti defeated “Tough Talk” Tony Spencer after hitting him with a moonsault from the top rope to become the new Bay State Champion.

The Elks Lodge erupted in unison as the referee’s third slap of the canvas usher in the era of Simonetti. The ‘Agent of Change’ pinched himself in disbelief as he received the newly minted title belt. Chants of “SIMONETTI, CLAP, CLAP, CLAP, CLAP, CLAP” and “YOU DESERVE IT” filled the air as an emotion-filled Simonetti expressed some heartfelt reflection over the microphone along with a preview of what could be next for the champion.

ElkMania 4 not only broke its own attendance record but also raised a record-breaking $2797.04 for the Elks National Foundation.

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ElkMania 3 – September 26, 2015

Venue: Beverly/Salem Elks Lodge #1309

Ring Announcer: Adam Salzer

Time Keeper: Adam Kohn

Referees: Redd Roche, Josh Day, & Dave Montonaro

All-Star Championship Tournament Semi-Final: Joey Warner defeated “The Gentleman” Burke Beckett

Derek Simonetti came out before the beginning of the next match to make his intentions about tonight known. He has come to “Hospitalize Jack Krueger”

All-Star Championship Tournament Semi Final Match: Adam Nestle w/ Chris Cortez pinned “Tough Talk” Tony Spencer w/ Chad Epik when Nestle handed Spencer a bag full of money to lay down and get pinned.

ElkMania Matchmaker Atlee Greene threatened to fire Nestle but decided against it since Joey Warner wanted to beat him for the title. As for Spencer, Greene ordered him to wrestle in the next match, making it a Triple Threat

“The Viking” Jon Wilson defeated Stevie James and “Tough Talk” Tony Spencer w/ Mr. Chad Epik by pinning James.

Osirus pinned Frank the Crank after reversing a chokeslam into a roll up.

Women’s Showcase: Ashley Vox defeated Delmi Exo when she pinned her with the assistance of her feet on the ropes.

All-Star Championship Tournament Finals: Joey Warner pinned Adam Nestle w/ Chris Cortez to become the inaugural All-Star Champion

Open Bounty Match: “The Wrestling Machine” Tommy Corbin defeated Derrick Conway w/ Mr. Chad Epik via a Northern Lights Suplex.

Bay State Championship Match: “The Goddess of Beauty” Ramona Romano defeated Christian Casanova to retain the title after getting his shoulder up at the last second when being pinned via a German Suplex.

Firecat w/ Delilah Hayden, DJ AC, and The Heavy Hitters (Frank Champion and Shay Cash) defeated “Pimp Daddy” Mike Pavia, Lobo, “The Unequaled One” Todd Sople, and Brandon Behm when Firecat pinned Lobo after leveling him with the Pounce.

Street Fight: Derek Simonetti defeated “The Maniacal” Jack Krueger by choking him unconscious.


ElkMania 2 – September 27, 2014

Venue: Beverly/Salem Elks Lodge #1309

Ring Announcer: Adam Salzer

Time Keeper: Adam Kohn

Referees: Redd Roche, Josh Day, & Dave Montonaro

1. “The Wild Card” Billy King defeated “The Unequaled One” Todd Sople via pinfall

2. “The Maniacal” Jack Krueger w/ “Twisted Hatter” Dominic DeLano & Brandon Behm defeated “Dynamite” Doug Summers to advance to the ElkMania Tournament Finals

3. Derek Simonetti defeated “The Wrestling Machine” Tommy Corbin to advance to the ElkMania Tournament Finals

4. “Fabulous” Johnny Vegas w/ Marshall McNeil vs. Christian Casanova was declared a No Contest after numerous attempts at interference from Johnny Vegas’s manager. Casanova then went to find himself a tag team partner

5.”Fabulous” Johnny Vegas and Marshall McNeil defeated Christian Casnova and Firecat via disqualification

6. Bay State Title Match: “The Goddess of Beauty” Ramona Romano defeated Antonio Thomas by pinfall by rolling him up and grabbing a handful of tights to retain the Bay State Championship.

Post-Match saw Romano try to blindside Thomas from behind, only for Thomas to gain the upper hand and send “The Goddess of Beauty” crashing to the mat with a chokeslam. Thomas brought a young boy into the ring and he covered the champion for the 1-2-3 which made the crowd go wild.

7. Joey Warner vs. Biohazard ended in a double count out. The two combatants continued to brawl after the bell and ElkMania officials decided to let them continue their affair in the Battle Royal.

8. Joey Warner won the 15-Man Over the Top Rope Battle Royal when he hit “Twisted Hatter” Dominic DeLano with a missile dropkick from the second rope for the final elimination.

9. PZW Title Match: Stevie James defeated “Tough Talk” Tony Spencer w/ Adam Nestle via pinfall to retain the PZW championship. Spencer originally pinned James for the title. However, the referee found the roll of quarters Spencer used to clock James with. The match was restarted and Spencer walked right into a belly to belly suplex from James, ending his title hopes.

10. “The Maniacal” Jack Krueger w/ “Twisted Hatter” Dominic DeLano and Brandon Behm defeated Derek Simonetti via pinfall to win the 2014 ElkMania Tournament.

Post-Match: Krueger, DeLano and Behm beat down Simonetti until Joey Warner and Jon Wilson made the save. The mayhem involving all six men went all over the Elks lodge. When the dust settled and the smoke cleared, Simonetti and DeLano found themselves in the ring alone. Simonetti blasted DeLano with Krueger’s newly won Tournament Trophy, smashing it into oblivion. Following the melee, Simonetti and friends celebrated in the ring with a raucous crowd at the Elks Lodge.


ElkMania – November 2nd, 2013

Venue: Beverly/Salem Elks Lodge #1309

Ring Announcer: Adam Salzer

Time Keeper: Adam Kohn

Referees: Mike Pono & Redd Roche

1. Elkmania Tournament Semi-Finals: “The Wrestling Machine” Tommy Corbin defeated Joey Warner with his dreaded running knee to the temple to secure the pinfall.

ElkMania promoter Ryan Andrews conducted an interview with Project Zero Wrestling Heavyweight Champion, Stevie James about his main event title defense against Derek Simonetti. James promised the fans a fun time until Simonetti came out and told his pupil to either leave with him or get beat by him. James refused to leave and Simonetti left the ring after one final warning.

2. ElkMania Tournament Semi-Finals: Richy (Sic) pinned Jon Wilson after delivering the Richual in the center of the ring for the 1-2-3. Wilson shook Richy’s hand after the match.

“All Good” Anthony Greene was jumped by Jack Krueger and “The Twisted Hatter” Dominic DeLano before his match could begin as they blindsided him by running through the crowd. Greene fought them off as long as he could but the numbers game was just too much. Krueger vowed that the hands of fate would deliver vengeance upon ElkMania for not booking him and his disciples.

3. Fan’s Choice Match: “The Original Showoff” Mike Paiva defeated Firecat via count out when he took a ball of yarn from an unsuspecting event staffer and threw it and Firecat chased the yarn out of the room.

4. Bay State Championship: Buddy Romano defeated “The Unequaled One” Todd Sople and “Dastardly” Doug Summers in a triple threat match to become the inaugural Bay State champion when he pinned Sople with a roll up.

5. Open Challenge for the NCW Tag Team Championship: The Inglorious Dastards (Brandon Behm & Tony Caruso w/ Doug Summers) defeated Lumberjake & Rocco Abruzzi when Behm hit Lumberjake with a spear after Caruso hit him with a chair behind the referee’s back for the pinfall.

6. ElkMania Tournament Finals: Richy (Sic) defeated “The Wrestling Machine” Tommy Corbin to win the first ElkMania Tournament when he confused Corbin and planted him with a Richual for the victory. Post-match action saw referee Mike Pono deliver a stunner to Corbin after several warnings not to be touched.

7. Jack Krueger and “The Twisted Hatter” Dominic DeLano defeated “All Good” Anthony Greene & “Tough Talk” Tony Spencer when Krueger pinned Greene. This match was made by ElkMania promoter, Atlee Greene, after Krueger & DeLano interrupted a moment where they were thanking the event sponsors.

8. Bodyslam Challenge: Jon Willson defeated Tony Spencer via Bodyslam. This match was made after the Tag Team match when Atlee Greene made the contest impromptu.

9. Project Zero Wrestling Heavyweight Championship: Stevie James defeated Derek Simonetti to retain the PZW title when James reversed a spinebuster attempt into a DDT to get the 1-2-3. After the match, Stevie stuck his hand out in friendship despite being berated by Simonetti earlier in the night. Simonetti took in the moment, shook his pupil’s hand and let the celebration begin!